Osmo Mobile 3 family walk

Went on our first family walk today since the beginning of lockdown, my wife’s amazing road to recovery following her collapse & major stomach surgery. Love these guys to pieces.

And of coarse had to test out the new osmo mobile. Honestly… Im reasonably impressed… on the fence. Love the active track side of it, but not as smooth as I’d hoped. Any tips on smoothing it out would be great.


Nice little video. The “bouncing” effect is caused by your arm moving up and down as you walk. You have to adopt “the ninja walk” if moving. You’re trying to keep your arm as part of the gimbal, so that it’s “floating”. Try holding the handle at forward angle, instead of straight up, this will allow the gimbal to compensate better.


Hold it like a torch (flashlight as the Americans say) so no bend at the wrist.

There’s loads of videos on YouTube , but it’s good to get out and practice.

Did you get the combo ? The little tripod used as an extension also works well

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I’ve order the tripod should be here tomorrow :ok_hand: will be YouTubing tonight mate, thanks :pray:

The tripod won’t help with the up and down movement (bounce). You have to concentrate on the up/down movement. When I used to use a steadicam, people use to laugh at my Ninja walk but that’s the only way to stop bounce.

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Thank for the advice, I can feel a new walk coming my way, :grimacing: I’ll also try the torch hold too. See if that helps :ok_hand:

About to order if wallet will open!!! So glad to hear of your wife’s recovery

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hahah! That’s me!! :ok_hand::rofl::rofl:

I know how you smooth it out.

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It’s quite simple really.
Hold the handle/gun whatever you want to call it. Sideways. By doing this the gimbal has full control of lateral movement. So when you walk you dont get the up and down movement. Don’t forget to press the trigger.

Also you dont have walk like a ninja. Lol.

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Ah yes! The instruction book! :grimacing:
I hold my hand up :raising_hand_man:t4: I never read these and I haven’t read this one :grimacing:🤦🏽

I will try this though, thanks :handshake:


Also, by looking closer, I would ask,
“have you filmed this in 60fps and then rendered it in 24.”
I ask as this would also explain the slight glitches in the frame rate.
60fps does not go into 24fps without slowing down in the rendering stage I would say to 80%.

If not then forget the above I’m talking crap.


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Ah I may have, davinci would be set by default to 24 🤦🏽 And I definitely didn’t change it :facepunch:t3:
Nice one mate, great detective skills :male_detective:t4:‍♀