Osmo Pocket Camera

I personally hate these connectors with vengeance!.
they are so flimsy when the phone is attached and I prefer to connect the phone with the bottom USB connector on the Wi-Fi hub I bought with the add on pack.
Or connect it with a lead direct to the phone (I had to buy a special lead for this!).

This image showed you what you got - 1 Lightning and 1 USB-C.

Thanks again Chris.

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When filming a video using the Osmo Pocket can you pause the video and if you start filming again does it continue or does it stat a new video.

There’s no pause Barry, only start / stop recording.

A new file is created on the memory card for each video, in the same way your drone does :+1:t2:

Hi Rich
thanks for that info that’s great to know…

Hi Rich
what settings would you recommend on the Osmo Pocket to do a walk through of a cemetery. I tried it out yesterday and there was to much bound setting was on 4K 60fps. Would it be better in say 4K at 50 fpc or even 1080. Im not to clued up on photographic settings.