Osmo Pocket Camera

Can anyone tell me if you get a charging kit and batteries with the DJI Osmo Pocket Camera as Im thinking of buying one. Also is there different models if so again which is best to get.

Hi Dave,
As you know DJI are not very good with suppying extras. I dont want to spend £350 plus then have to buy batteries and a charger i got stung when i bought the 7.85 Crystal Sky batteries included but no charger.

It comes with a battery and charges by USB … hence the “Power Cable”.

Hi Dave,thanks very much for the info, would you know if its one model or various models.

Hi Barry,
I’m looking at pre order for the GoPro 8 max at the minute, was torn between that and the osmo pocket? But I tend to be favouring the GoPro for features and quality.
But as I say still considering at the moment with finger hovering over buy :rofl::thinking:

Havent looked at anything else Rob but will do thanks for the info.

There’s only one model of the Osmo Pocket @barryb and the battery is built in.

In the past that would have been a concern for me, but all the DJI remote controllers all have their battery packs built in and mine are all still going strong :+1:t2:

Thanks Rich
that’s good to here…Ive ordered it now arriving on Tue or Wed so looking forward to trying it out.

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Good choice Barry, stupendous piece of kit.

You’ll not be disappointed mate :+1:t2:


You’ve got me re looking at it Again now! :eyes:


I’ve owned a osmo pocket for a while now and the recent updates have made it so much more worthy of owning, I’m pretty sure on the dji website when you order one you get a free charging case (£100ish normally) and £20 off the expansion kit as well until the 16th of October.

Thanks Lewis sounds like a good deal.

Wish i could justify the outlay at present. I want one so bad.

I’m still struggling to justify buying my MP … almost 3 years ago! :wink:

Gents just got the Osmo Pocket but need some advice.
There are 2 x connections with the pack one of the connections slides into the side of the camera then attaches to your mobile phone for updating etc.
Neither connection will fit my Samsung 7 Edge do you need to get another attachment.

I think this is what you want Barry.


Hi Chris
thanks for the info It sure does look like what I need I wish they would tell you this before you buy so you can order all at once.

Yeah ,typical wankers cutting what they give you with a new item.
Just check the direction of your connection, as there is a reverse version.