Osmo Pocket - Sample Footage

Further to an earlier thread (Osmo Pocket - Hengistbury Head) I did say that I would cobble together a short video of some of the footage taken on our holiday to Wales a few weeks back. Most of the footage was shot in 4k and scaled down to 1080P for the attached video. Overall I am very pleased with the camera and it is indeed very handy to carry around even with an external mic attached via the adapter.

Osmo Pocket - Sample Footage



I put the link in there and it is showing in the edit…I only just uploaded it to Youtube…does it take a while to become active?

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Woohahh!! Just paste the url … not all their “<iframe” sharing malarkey! :wink:

I’ve edited ….

From this …




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Thanks Dave. Still finding my feet when it come to knowing the ins and outs of the UI.

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Must admit I like my Osmo Pocket too - great little piece of kit capable of producing some real quality footage.


Great video Chris
fits the music perfectly

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Beautiful footage Chris. Amazing

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Thank you. It was the first time I have really given the camera a run out and overall I was pleased with the results. I even (accidentally!) shot some in D-Cinelike which meant (allowed) I could do some colour grading with LUTS but to be honest, the normal colour mode footage came out pretty well. Even though the weather was temperamental for most of the week, ND filters are an absolute must.

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I think you’re the third or fourth person I’ve heard say that.

Am I the only one who’s finding the video is just fine without filters? :thinking:

On Auto settings it is fine but as soon as I put it in to Pro mode and set it up for the 180 rule then even on a semi bright day everything gets blown out. I was using at least a ND8 on most days and a ND16 when the sun was out. Having ND filters did give me more flexibility on how I set up the camera.

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I’m curious. How does the 180 rule come into play?

When shooting 24FPS then shutter speed set to 1/48, shooting at 60FPS then shutter speed at 1/120 and so on. Basically the shutter speed should be double the frame rate. Consequently if you are shooting 24FPS at 1/48 on a bright day, the shutter is relatively slow and everything will get blown out without the help of the ND filters.