Out to Sea

This the Arcadia nearly 2 miles off Southwold Didn’t get too close in case of interference


were you flying from the shore or on a boat?

From the shore boat empty

braver than me then, 2 miles out to sea, what drone is that

Mavic Pro 2 was quite windy took a while to come back 8700 ft


Nice photo Andy. Fairplay heading out to sea that far! Is there a Balls of Steel badge? :grin:

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have you got aerial extensions or is standard handset?


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I flew just over 2 1/2 miles to P&O Ventura (see P&O Pair) I had about 5 mins out there before getting down to 50% battery and headed for home. Signal was very good at that distance. I did it very early in the morning when there was hardly any wind.



Nice pic and fair play for risking such a long flight over water!

I see the bots in the river Mersey near me and instantly think NOPE and the river is less than a mile wide :joy:

Big balls badge I think :clap:


Why not try. if you’ve a decent insurance to give you extra peace of mind & you’re not getting g high wind warnings.
Remember to fly into the wind going though so you’re not battening it coming back.
I took my M2Z out to a lighthouse when I was up in Scotland. Still managed to keep VLOS surprisingly & only when I got back & reviewed flight data did I realise it was 1.4km away. I’d google earthed measured it before getting there & got @850m so I guess I must’ve got the wrong start point lol.
Great shots though as flew in low over the sea to rise up onto the rocks.

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