Over saturation of locations

Anybody else think that there are getting more and more locations on drone scene with a high density of pins at some locations probably within a few metres of each oother
Would if not be a good idea to have a minimum disrance radius between pins?


Yes, I do, and it’s been bugging me for ages now.

And would you believe we were discussing this only yesterday too :slight_smile:

I think it very much devalues the data on the map if there are 20 pins all on the same location, it’s supposed to be a map of places to fly, not a map of places to take off and land.

My train of thought being:

There’s only one Ribblehead Viaduct in the UK, it only needs one pin.

There’s one only Caen Hill Locks, so it doesn’t need three pins on it.

There’s only one Crystal Palace, etc.

Kinda thing…

One suggestion made was to have a single location but then allow multiple TOAL pins to be attached to that location and those pins would only be visible when viewing the full/details for that location.

As an example Steve, let’s say you added Morecombe Bay as a location, other people could the click a button similar to the “I’ve flown here” button and add
extra “toal” pins to that location. Maybe they took off from the beach, or from the promenade, etc.

The main front page of Drone Scene then goes back to being a map of places to fly, with extra bonus TOAL pins available if you view the full details of that location.

Happy to discuss other options!

In short though, I think we’re going to consolidate duplicate locations, will start a separate thread for people to report these in, let’s keep this thread for discussing the best way to keep the map clean and the data of value :+1:t2:


Does this mean badges might be removed :scream:

I like the one location, flown-here pins idea.

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Delete them all and start again?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Probably best to remove all pins from anyone who has more than say 100 locations added.

Of course that is just a random number :joy: :joy:

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What would the minimum distance be, 500 mts VLOS?
I put 2 close ones on the River Ouse at Kings Lynn but they are about 1 kilometre apart. But both areas had very different photo scenarios, 1 was ghe docks and 1 was old historic Lyyn. You couldnt possibly fly and capture both and keep your drone in sight.

I’d say that would be fine, I think the main issue is pins dropped at the same location but depicting different take off locations. If your pins are of separate locations they would be fine.

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The main problem is where the are less than 200m apart, or for example at the same park, where it’s pretty obvious that you could wander round and find a take off point so you can get a shot you want of a location do you really need a point at either end of a bridge (eg devils bridge), one marker for the bridge is enough.