P4P/A Voluntary ID transmit quietly removed?

I just updated my firmware because of a controller error and noticed that the ability to not transmit your ID seems to have been removed on the latest firmware. I’d not heard anyone mention this anywhere up until now. Can anyone else confirm this or has it just been moved elsewhere on the menu system?

Hmmm … I wonder when this feature was added to the MP firmware/app?

And I wonder if my modded firmware is prior to it’s introduction? If so, another good reason not to update.

I’ve never seen the option, to the best of my knowledge.

Hi, this is for the Phantom 4P / A, not the MP. As far as I know, it’s not on my Mavic either but I could be wrong!

Yeah - I hadn’t overlooked the P4P/A in the title … but it had me thinking … then Googling =

made available first for the DJI Mavic Pro last week

And that article was dated 1/12/17

Yup, you’re right. I must be going nuts with the bloody drones!
It’s actually on the Mavic and not on the Phantom. I don’t think it’s ever been on the phantom.
A real face slap moment!


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I think that’s called “People with too many drones” syndrome. :wink:

Edit: Or should that be “Syndrone”? :wink:
Or “Sin Drone”


Yeah, it gets real confusing with these drones. Guess I should have just one, my wife keeps telling me so…

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