Survey model

A survey of a bridge I was the engineer on, back in the day…

Bypass is open now and I happened to be passing last Monday.

Used the P4RTK to survey it an produced a model. This is the fly around of it.

It’s a powerful tool.


Fascinating stuff!

Is the rather mottled appearance of the road surface as a result of cars refusing to be stationary whilst you flew around? :wink:


Pinging @Longstride … he’s been playing with similar tech.


How many battery’s did it take?
And which drone did you use Larry


P4RTK - so I’m guessing it was the Phantom 4 with RTK :blush:

Only looks a small area, one battery surely?

It does look seriously impressive though, I’m very curious :slight_smile:



Yeah, Phantom 4 RTK. Just over one battery used, this is the trimmed model.

It’s a great bit of kit. Not quite as ‘out of the box’ as they would lead you to believe, but seriously impressive results.

It is purely a tool though. There is no using this for fancy shots. You can take video, but no 4k option and absolutely no frills.

Wish I’d bought an MP2 at the same time…


What do you use for a source of your RTK signal @LarryDeath ?


ok phantom 4 RTK they are cheap NOT… what did you do rob a bank

ok the business bought it I know my business owns my Mavic pro and a few other items
working on the wife to put the 3d printer through the books for diversification purposes :wink:



The drone?

didn’t bother with the pogo for this one. just let the P4 do its thing.



between that and the software, the very thick end of £10k…



I’m not with you…

The RTK receiver on the drone needs to pick up an RTK signal from a (basestation) transmitter somewhere? :thinking:

I’ve never seen one of these in the flesh, I’m assuming they work the same way other RTK equipment works? Maybe they don’t???



The P4 RTK has a module on top which is the RTK bit. you can use it directly from satellites, or for added accuracy, with a base station that you can get as part of a package, which is the set up I bought.


Riiighhttt - that’s what I wanted to know - so it comes with a mobile mast :+1:t2:

I wasn’t sure if you were just tapping in to local signals - our RTK masts broadcast to around 30km - but we charge a subscription for access :wink:



Have a look at the blurb here: the bump on top is its own RTK unit.


RTK looks interesting, thats a fine model it produced! I was only using vidual image processing on Pix4D but it produced good results. Probably not engineering grade however!

What software did you create the model in out of interest?

There’s an OpenSource drone mapping tool that I’ve been meaning to get to grips with rather than pay £200 a month for Pix4D mapper.



Bridge Model

Here’s a version of the model you can play with to really get an idea of what the P4RTK is capable of…