Panick Stations

Yesterday I was out at a local beauty spot with the mini2 and dslr. I sent her up for a mix of video, stills and a 360. It was pretty misty but I wasnt flying very high. What I didn’t notice was the mist decending and getting thicker so I decided to land. Or at least try to…nope, wasn’t happening. About 150ft above a large pool and waterfall I started staining my underwear and wondered wtf am I going to do. Then I remembered reading in here that fog and mist can play havoc with the landing sensor and I should have thought to put some tape over it before heading out!!!
I had plenty battery life left so brought her back over a field and well away from the water. Tried to bring her down and she moved a metre then the “landing” voice appeared, but she would come.down no further. Cancelled the auto landing and moved down another metre. I had to continue this way, metre by metre until she was low enough for the mist to bother her.
Wow, that was a pretty scary moment to say the least. She was a little moist when I got her back but no harm done this time. Dried her off and packed back up in the rucksack. Will upload some pictures later on today hopefully


Sounds like a clean underpants moment :fearful:

Ditto done the same last night in the fog :scream: after a crap day anyway that just topped it , the top of the drone was soaked running all down it I dried it quick got home quick , run the air dryer threw it as a pre cautionary measure , put a battery in it let it sit there running with the fan on inside for about x 2 15 minute intervals , everything seems ok will fly it today when the fog f#### off


Been there, got the soiled pants. It’s odd, as I have done about a dozen ‘above the clouds’ with the Mini 2. But only had this issue on 2 occasions. It must be related to either the light conditions or moisture density.

And ironically, I now have the opposite with my Mini 3 … can’t stop it from descending on its own :confounded:

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I’m certainly glad it didn’t descend on its own. 150ft down a sheer walled gorge would have neen less than ideal!!!

If you have dedicated bag or a case, put some silica pouches in it. They help to keep your equipment dry. You can buy the bags/ pouches in bulk for a few quid so you always have spare ones.

Even in a rucksack they are useful if you have internal pockets in it.

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I had the same experience with the mini 2, right on the edge of Holy mountain, over looking South Stack lighthouse Anglesey😱.
I’d noticed the mist coming over from behind me, the mini was still over South Stack. I never new anything about the mist messing with the sensors and just hit return to home. The drone did as it was told, but in doing so rose above the mist that was heading towards it. When it came to descend, the mist was below it, and it just went into landing mode :scream:. It was 60m up, and had to take it out of RTH and try bringing down manually. It did come down, but literally metre by metre VERY slow :fearful:. It kind of made it worse the battery being down to 7pc :joy:.
I hand grabbed it with me being on me tip toes, heart beating like a racehorses and a near miss with soiling myself🤢. The battery was literally on 5 pc.
So I know exactly where your coming from Joe, it ain’t the best experience yer can have🤣.

…and stick them in a WARM oven to re constitute them for reuse… :+1:
(I bought some and they came in a perforated silver colour plastic bags. I transfered the contents to a small LINEN bag (from ebay). Better for oven reconstituting the silica for reuse.

Sounds like you did well to hold it together, work the problem (my favorite NASA saying) and then get the drone back down safely.

Good Job. Any negative drone experience you can walk away from is a lesson learnt.

Sorry about your underpants, they will cost less to replace than the drone :slight_smile: