Pano Drone and App

I am operating a Dji P4 standard that has no pano mode. Is it still possible to take 360 pano shots and what stitching software works with android?

Thanks in advance

You can take them totally manually … although it’s tedious to do and ensure good overlaps.

The Litchi app will automatically take the images to then stitch into panos.

My experience of trying to find a reliable Android stitching app never came up with one.
A few were ok about 50% of the time … although I’m not sure which they all were.
Bimostitch is the only one that remains on my phone, but rarely used.

Several excellent Windows/Mac apps that work … many not free, but ICE (Microsoft) for Windows is free and pretty good, if not always perfect.
If you have Photoshop (desktop), that works well … as does Lightroom I believe (though not use personally).

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