Pano over Keyhaven Yacht Club

Went to Keyhaven this afternoon hoping to fly as the weather report from the Met office showed only 8mph wind. So I got there had to wait a bit for a disabled parking space as I have a badge and the parking is free with a blue badge. Got the scooter out of the back of the car and off I went.

I got to the spot where I thought it would be good to fly from beside a bench. Set everything up and told the retired looking couple sitting on the bench that it might be a bit noisy when it takes off, they were fine about it and started asking questions and were quite interested. I told them about stitching panorama shots together and the guy asked what I used to do it with so I told him about ICE.

Anyway here is the Pano

I took some video as well so hope to put something together with it.


Please tell me how to do the stitch. Where exactly did you launch from out of curiosity?

Hi Bruce

If you look straight down on the pano and zoom in you can you can see me sitting next to a bench with two other people sitting on the bench.

The stitch of the 34 shots the MP takes is done with Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) its free and easy to use, you can download it here…