Pano test Autel Nano +


Straight from the drone Phil?

No, JPEGs stitched in PTGui but no editing, auto settings.

Does it produce an in drone version ?

No, I thought it would, like DJI but I have scoured all the files from this morning and can only find the unstitched images, it does put each pano set in its own folder. Hopefully the stitched panos will come as an update. You can save panos as JPEG or DNG but not both.


Hmmm :thinking:

The Evo Pro will stitch a pano automatically using the Autel Explorer app but I’ve not tried a doing a 360 pano with the Autel Sky app yet.

I’m surprised that it’s missing? :thinking:

Ah, I thought it strange.

Chris, referring to:

Reason: Stitched version is on your smartphone. Just open the Album in the app and export it from there.

I take it?


Ahh, did not check the phone, just the SD card, will check now.

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Ahhh what a muppet, did not think of checking the phone, can confirm, stitched panos are saved in a folder in the app. Wonder if I do a pano in DNG format if a stitched JPEG will also be saved, tomorrow’s project…


Pretty impressive the way it’s handled the varying lighting conditions on auto.

Yep, I thought that, there is a few seconds delay between each shot whilst it sorts the exposure out, I thought at one point it had locked up took so long.

I assume that is the paid for version of PTGUi, as i downloaded the tester and have PTGUI on all the images

Yes, paid for version.

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Do these buttons work for anyone, or is it just not working for me :man_shrugging:


Work for me

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The Home, VR and Minimise (when maximised) do not work.

= Escape

Yes, I know the shortcuts. Just pointing out the buttons aren’t working :wink:

But the full screen icon is still a full screen icon when it’s … full screen. It doesn’t change.