Pano Try


Yup it works ;o)

Im not sure how the second one has done that cant figure it, houses just sort of stop

It works, and you get the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge added to your profile! :+1:

Looking at the ground how its nipped in looks like the ratio is off.

Share the original and I’ll take a look see ;o)

I was trying all the pano options, the first was 360 deg, the second was 180 deg and the third and fourth was vertical and horizontal I think. The third and fourth just looked like normal stills.

I think this is how to share the original but as I said I think its because it was a 180° pano. On second thought’s I guess it’s not how to share it :unamused:

Ah, that makes sense, the second one is a 180 that Kuula thought was a 360. The anafi does 180s too and the only way i can ever get them to display correctly is on facebook.


That it is ;o)

Only has the houses on one side, thats why they get cut off.

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