Pano with Mini 2 Problems

Maybe one for @milkmanchris
I have successfully done several 360 panos with Mini2
But a few times I get the images but no 360, I have a Google logo with DJI 0000 but cannot do anything with it, last two I did I managed to get off smart controller and on to SD card and into Kuula ok

Is there a function like on the Pro 2 ie save original pano as I cannot find it and never had to before

Any ideas or advise welcome


Hi Mark, hope you’re well

If you click on the pano in the DJIFLY gallery it should download automatically to your phone gallery (it does with iPhone).

Not sure with the smart controller


Thanks @milkmanchris I’m well hope you are too
Yes Smart controller is not all it’s cracked up to be it’s a nice to have but tbh wish I had not purchased it, it’s only so I can link a hdmi monitor for clients pfft