Panorama Image Stitching

USING Microsoft ICE for the stitching, I found the best quality 360s were made by videoing 3 circles starting with camera facing high, then middle, then low and finally down.
It keeps everything consistent except for the single join at the end of the rotation.

(I’ve moved this to a new thread since Litchi - Testing Panoramas was specific to Litchi Panoramas.)

I’ve never had issues with ICE stitching images except when, like with any stitching software, there’s no identifiable detail (although, I know a way around this, and must write the How To on it - and, from images, one gets higher res and RAW images that can be processed far more then video can be.

Neither will you match the quality of the Hi-Res panoramas that the M2P/M2Z take, or (for those on iOS) ones taken using Hangar360.

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I don’t know about the M2 but with my MA the 360s tend to have multiple blurred sections where the images overlap. Using Microsoft ICE, and with 4k video, I’ve overcome this except for the single overlap that inevitably happens at the start/end of each rotation. However, havng said that, I tend to just use the built in software mostly because most sites don’t permit the resultant image size anyway, and it’s a bit of a pain filling in the sky sometimes.
I post mine on