Panoramic and spherical images from a DJI Mini 4k?

What’s the best/easiest way to get panoramic and spherical images from a DJI Mini 4K please? It looks like the images transfer as individual images, so what do I need to stitch them together? I generally use a Mac.



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I don’t do spheres so my knowledge on that is not good but someone on here will point you in the right direction as I’ve seen many done, I just don’t do them,

I do take pano’s quite often 180’s or wide angle I also use Mac & I also use photoshop to stitch them together which is very easy once you know how, others may advise better but it’s what I’m used to & been learning to use,

For instance you do a 180 pano which is 21 images, open them in Adobe camera raw ( which is part of photoshop & merge to panorama with the raw files, so make sure you have your drone set for the raw’s / Dng once you’ve done it once it is very easy,
Wide angle pano’s can sometimes be a little more challenging, same routine merge to panorama in Adobe camera raw, then open in photoshop it’s self & under settings at the top open in adaptive wide angle where you can tweak the picture / straighten horizon adjust picture etc, again this is what my method is & it works for me but others may know of other software that may suit you better or more ease of use. :+1:

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If you look on the card, in DCIM, DJI_001, there should be an automatically stitched image in there.

The file numbering will appear sequentially, the only difference you may see, if you shoot in JPEG and RAW is that there will only be a JPEG. The two files highlighted here are 360 pano.

Viewing on the computer it will appear as a stretched image, if you load it into google photos that will automatically convert it so it can be viewed as a panorama, otherwise you will need to upload it to somewhere like Kula.


You can view the jpg panorama pictures without uploading them any where by using the free programs (search on google) either 1/ FSPViewer.exe or 2/ PanGazer.exe, however I only know for certain there are Windows versions but may be available for Mac. Hope this helps!

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If you want to stitch the images yourself PtGui is pretty good.

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