Paragliders vs Drone

Well thank goodness for VLOS. I was 320ft up and saw these 2 paragliders. They must not of been over 50m from people, and here are us having to follow drone code :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




What is this? Does it relate to me or the drone? Would I be the one in the wrong or are they. Sorry for all the questions never come across this before. The offices are closed unfortunately due to coronavirus.

Golf course too ;o)

Paragliders fly over the local beach, often at below 50 feet. I queried the legality and was informed that “they are practising their landings”

At least our aircraft don’t rely on forward speed to stay up and can hold off from landing if an incident is about to occur.

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Hmmm practising landings! That seems like a get out clause, more like showing off.

There is a golf course in the shot, but it’s way way off in the distance. This was at Cutacre country park.

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It’s a way of reporting ‘near misses’ between aircraft. When you see those “drone almost hits plane at Heathrow” reports, they are generally journalists mis(reporting) the outcome of Airprox investigations…

I was being a little tongue in cheek as it’s usually big-thing pilots reporting drones as being too close and not the other way around.

The good thing with Airprox is you aren’t setting yourself up to get your wrists slapped even if you’ve done something wrong… they aren’t there to apportion blame, just to improve safety: