Parrot Anafi maiden flight was this luck or not?

Decided to take Anafi on its first flight having owned it for a month so decided on using flight plan around the local raceway, first I set altitude at 100 feet instead of 100 mtrs one minute into flight just when I realised this is too low it hit a tree signal lost with no control, I saw the collision on screen and nothing after that so after a lot of swearing and accepted the fact my new Anafi was now history 4 minutes later I could hear the hum of the bird and it came home safely anyway I could not believe my luck after viewing footage how it missed those power lines I just don’t know.


Can i send you my lottery numbers for this week :open_mouth:

Glad it returned

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Lesson learned to check measurement settings imperial/metric

Is Fried Parrot on the menu at the local Chinese?


Definitely worthy of the Buttock Clencher Badge for that one! :+1:


Give him two :rofl:


Was this a waypoint mission?

I’d recommend you fly LOS for the next flight lol, nearly hit that tree on the way back!

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Yes it was flight plan, the settings were imperial I thought I was setting waypoints at 100m when in fact they were 100ft I was very lucky to get it back in one piece

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Goes to show that the Anafi is a tough little bird, I love mine!


That looked close to those power lines. Glad it came back in one piece

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