Parrot Anafi Thermal vs Mavic Enterprise Dual

Hi there all, I’ve pretty much decided on my plan after lots of reading and research and annoying people with my newbie questions. Coptrz do business start up packages ( as I’m sure you’re all aware of). Unless someone knows better I’m going to go for the middle package which is the Parrot Anafi Thermal. I like the look of the DJI, but it is a lot more money…But it does have collision avoidance. I could go for the DJI, but on the special offer at the moment it’s £3500 plus vat as opposed to £2200 plus vat for the Parrot. That’s quite a difference.
Are all you experienced people now staring at your screens with your head in your hands muttering ‘Why’? Is there something better I’ve missed? Should I wait and see the Autel Evo 2? Coptrz don’t seem to rate that very highly but I guess that’s partly because they don’t sell them. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Can you share your plan with us?

That is my plan so far. Get a drone with as much capability as I can afford, get trained and then try and do as much as I can once I’m legally able to so I can gain experience and try to get into some inspection type work. I realise either of these drones aren’t going to get me very far, but for the money they should teach me a lot. Shouldn’t they?

You might be surprised - they are both very capable bits of kit :+1:t2:

The type of camera you choose will depend on the type of inspection work you plan on doing.

Will much of that work require thermal? :thinking:

It not, your money may be better spent on a drone with an optical zoom lens (rather than digital zoom).

Mavic 2 Zoom, Inspire 1 with a Zenmuse Z3, etc - a lot depends on your budget though.

Again, largely depends on the type of work you’re planning on doing.

I’m not the type to piss on anyone’s bonfire.

However I spent a long time as a freelance photographer. I’d seriously find some work first, then buy the kit to fit.

Do you your marketing etc, see what work comes in.

The offers on tech are always there , especially when your looking at the figures your talking on spending.

Buy a mini or air, get a portfolio together, get some gigs.

I won’t charge for the consult, and as I say I ain’t a bubble burster, but learn to fly first :wink:


Oh and welcome :+1:


I’ve bought a Mini, been flying it and learning to control it. I’m not overly interested in film making or aerial photos of people’s houses etc, but I realise I need to build up some experience. I’d volunteer to help Dartmoor search and rescue just to gain experience, although it’s usually hammering down with rain when something goes wrong on Dartmoor. But, before I do anything at all I need insurance, so I need to be trained.
I suppose I could just pay for the PfCO and do it with the MM and wait and see about a better drone later.

I hate doing wedding’s , have done since my first one as a tripod carrying assistant in 1984. But it’s the easiest 2k I can earn nowadays

Don’t rule out anything, especially when starting out


If the coptrz route is the way you want to go and fits in with your plans then go for it.

There are cheaper ways to gain a pfco and the analfi thermal. Coptrz are great at saying you can earn 6 figures with their business plan but I dont know anyone who has managed that and I’m a coptrz trained remote pilot.

I too am looking at the anafi thermal , it’s very light so could be flown on an A2 CofC , though there are no collision sensors on it and using a large screen on the controller is s bit of a pain, as you have to use their holder which fits on with an elastic strap. You have to dismantle it all to switch the controller off as the on / off switch is in the device holder hinge and has to be folded down to switch it off.


I have an Anafi Thermal and quite pleased with it. It does have limitation on the thermal side (as does the Mavic dual. same sensor) in that the resolution isn’t great. Certainly not a lot of use for S & R if that’s what you are thinking of. I found the Anafi thermal software to be better than the Dual and it’s radiometric which the Dual isnt. The zoom function works on the thermal as well as the vision camera. I is a great tool for checking out thermal panels on houses etc and looking for heat loss on buidings where you can get close up assuning you have the correct permissions.
I agree the permanently on controller as soon as you open it is a pain. Itcan be turned off by sticking something down the left hand side of the gap between the controller body and the phone holder where the switch is. I have a tablet holder which clips round the phone holder rather than the faff with the Parrot one. Works well.


Cart before Horse sounds like to me ?, I agree with @milkmanchris, You need to probe the Market to see if there is one, before you spend hard earned money on a dream that may not be there !.
There have been many like you that have wanted to do exactly what you have in mind, then 6 months down the line have not found a market for their services ,or to much local competition to contend to.
Having run two businesses side, by side for 28 years, I think I know what I am talking about.
But, good luck whatever you decide, just make the right choice !.

Thanks for the info on the anafi thermal, though I thought this and the mavic weren’t radiometric and you would need to look at the XT1/XT2 for that?
Could you show me an image that has radiometric info on it if it does please?

Tagging @Longstride in to this thread as he’s got a Zenmuse XT.

And I still need first-refusal on that one don’t forget Glenn :rofl:


Stuart. Few images here from FLIR Tools (free download) clearly showing the radiometric info. (SP1 etc). Also showing some of the different colour palettes available in FLIR Tools some of which are also available on the drone. I found it much more versatile than the demo Mavic Dual I tried. The last file is the original of the solar panel on the campervan so it should be possible for you to have a play with FLIR Tools. Hope this helps.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the images, i tried the last one in FLIR tools but couldnt get any temp readings from it? It maybe me using the software incorrectly as not used it before!!!

Its interesting that you can see temp readings as i thought this and the mavic were the same sensor and radiometric readings werent an option. It still looks like a cheaper option than the mavic though ive seen a few reviews saying this isnt any good for solar panel / roof surveys. You images have given me a bit more hope.

Currently the Anafi thermal is £1699 with extended pack so a good saving over the mavic.



Yes it is the same sensor but the software is different. When I had the demo of the Mavic Dual I also had a go with a Matrice with an XT2. This is really the way to go but so expensive. I attended a seminar about the use of IR at Nottingham Uni and the guy there recommended the Anafi over the Dual saying it is fine for heat loss surveys and small solar panel work as it is radiometric.

I got tagged in this thread by @PingSpike and reading back looks like the OP asked about a starter drone, but now we’re taking thermal!? :joy:

Looking at the price, I’d say try a Mavic Mini as a first drone, or an Air or Mavic 2.

I also use an Inspire 1 with zenmuse XT for thermal work. I tried the Mavic Enterprise on demo, it was pretty poor! Crappy buggy app, bad thermal performance. The speaker and light on Enterprise range is good though. Don’t know much about non-DJI brands.

Most of all, just get flying and put some practice in!

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