Parrot Bebop

Hi all,
Thinking about picking one of these drones up off Ebay and wondering what there like?
Thanks for any replies in advance.

Have not flown one ,but seen one in action, looked ok.

Which one?

There are at least three versions. The Bebop, Bebop2, and the Bebop Power.


Be-Bop-A-Lula? :wink:


Sounds like a song?

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Sounds like you’re younger than me. Gene Vincent 1958.


67, but I feel 67 and a half. Lol’s

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Lol. I was looking at the bebop 1 and the 2 did not know there was 3.

The Bebop Power is essentially the Bebop2 but with some extras.

I had the use of the original Bebop a few years ago and I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. The Skycontroller was ridiculously oversized and the flight time averaged between five and eight minutes depending on conditions. If you look at my list of currently owned drones by clicking the Avatar you’ll notice it didn’t make the cut to be in my collection.

This is just my experience and others may be able to offer a different perspective as my time with it was limited.


Cheers Nidge will steer away from that one then.

Got a bebop 2 with skycontroller 2 love it 20+ mins flight time so easy to fly take hand of controls it just stops and if you lose sign it tries to reconnect if it cant it will return to home it’s a lot of drone for little money has GPS and takes nice video and pics

Bebop 2 is a brilliant piece of kit with great flying time 20/25 minutes,has loads of onboard technology, skycontroler 2 is the better option, much smaller than the big knumb skycontroler I,leave the bebop 1 alone, flying time is a joke 6 minutes if you’re lucky, speaking from experience,

Rereleased (okay different song) for us younger folk :wink: skip to 1:20

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Cheers Pozz.