Parrot Disco

Thinking of selling the Disco, this one sold Sunday and his description is identical to mine apart from me finding a bag to fit the internals of the box into.
Also includes a new battery in sealed box as the original you have to convince the charger to complete a charge sometimes, and a bag as we all know it’s easier.
Any interest here before I put it on eBay?

Well it sold at what I thought was a great price of £440 on eBay, I’ve now had to cancel the sale because of the issue of sending the batteries :rage:

Was it shipping with Royal Mail or Currier? I was thinking of selling mine too as I’m having a clear out.

Who were you using to send them?

Someone had no issues with RM recently :

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Royal Mail, UPS, DHL and Hermes, perhaps I was given false info but already cancelled now after speaking to eBay and also being told I would have to cancel.
Maybe it was for the best as it was that payment “On hold” until they receive the goods from PayPal again, not sold anything on eBay for maybe 10 years and this is a common thing for sellers now I was told.

This info that I posted on that thread worked for that seller …

(The info that’s in the image in that post.)

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Balls, wish I had seen this when contacting places this morning.
Never mind, perhaps it’s for the best when it would have been going to Sweden via the global shipping program with eBay, I’ll just have to use it instead, or try Gumtree when I’m allowed to move about the country.


Ah - yeah - that is for UK only shipping. So may not have helped.

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