Peel Tower, Holcombe Hill near Ramsbottom

Something to fly around on a Saturday morning!
Nice little hill to get away from it all and chill out, unless there’s a drone buzzing about :thinking:. Great views, nice area around about. Little car park down at the bottom of the hill.
Enjoy. Any comments welcome


Great vid.
I really liked the closer shots of the tower - particularly tracking up whilst pointing upward made for quite a different sort of shot.
Also really liked the birds shot. I think it’s always nice to get some wildlife into a shot.

Cheers, bird shot was my fav too. Any negatives you see?

the fast spinning at 02:57 might have been a bit much. I’d had a couple of beers when I watched it :nauseated_face: :grinning:

Hmm. Looks like a budding @group-fpv pilot to me. :laughing:

Yeah, thought as much. Was just trying stuff out like I say, I had a mad shot and couldn’t bare to waste it, lmus I’d had a couple or five meslelf at time of doing post :crazy_face:.
The fpv thing is on the agenda hopefully, love the shots you can get from them, it’s gotta get in line after the mini 3 and and RC pro unit though …
Appreciate the comments :+1: