Pelaw Mine Buildings

Hey All,

I can’t remember who is was but someone put a video up a few weeks back where they’d used sport mode on their DJI Mavic 2 Pro under the canopy of some trees and it looked awesome.

That gave me the inspiration (and balls) to enable sport mode and use the fact object avoidance is off to get some aweosme panning and other shots in amongst some old abandoned mine buildings near where I live.




Love the side ways shot at 30 seconds! Your balls are bigger than mine!


Yea I defo had to strap on my big boy pants and hope my insurance would pay out!
Couple of hairy moments, that sideways shot being one of them.
Wind was quite high and as I went in the wind blew and nearly put it into the door frame.

The other was the shot through the building which is actually longer - I got to the window, wind blew again and put it into the window frame.
Only scraped the rotor blades no serious damage thank god!

Great footage, very brave.

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Yep - agree! It’s like buying a brand new Landy to go serious off-roading! :worried:


Well done. The Mavic blades are a tight fit through a standard doorway. Awesome.

For a Mavic, without collision detection on, that takes balls ! Nice video too.

If you really want to try flying bando’s, of course an FPV racing drone is the answer, LOTS of practice, lots or broken props and one might be able to emulate these guys…enjoy !