Pendragon Castle inside pano

Pendragon Castle is reputed to have been founded by Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur. According to legend, Uther Pendragon and a hundred of his men were killed here when the Saxon invaders poisoned the well. There are also claims that the Romans built at least a temporary fort here, along the road between their forts at Brough and Bainbridge. But (apart from legend and supposition), there is no real evidence that there was any building here before the Normans built their castle in the 12th Century.

The castle was built next to the River Eden in the Vale of Mallerstang in the late 12th century, probably by Hugh de Morville. Like the nearby castles of and Appleby Brough, Pendragon came into the possession of the Clifford family. It was abandoned after a raiding Scottish army set fire to the castle in 1341, but was rebuilt in 1360. It was left in ruins by another fire in 1541, but was restored in the mid 17th century by Lady Anne Clifford. The castle gradually fell back into ruin after her death – and now remains a romantic ruin, set in glorious scenery.


Spooky or what? I booked the cottage opposite the castle for a week in September at 6.30 Sunday night before I saw this!

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@Hotrodspike You don’t need to go now. :rofl::rofl:
I don’t know about land owners permission but there’s a bit of a layby opposite to fly from.

Do you seriously think the missus would let me cancel it now? There’d be blood stains that nobody could get out of the walls!
I’d been looking for a few weeks for something to come up for a week away, and the cottage popped up in the email, when the missus saw that it was Arthur’s dad’s gaff, that was it, " Book it now" was the command, “Yes love” came the reply!
At least I can get the AIr 2S in the boot with everything else, and the Mini 2 will go in the same case, sorted!

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