Pensford Viaduct

Driving through Pensford today caught sight of this and couldn’t drive any further without putting the bird in the air for a couple shots.

Pensford Viaduct:


That’s a great view of the viaduct @McSteamy2010. We stayed in The Old Carthouse, a converted barn on a farm on the road from Stanton Drew to Pensford a few years ago. No such thing as drones in those days. This was a sunset I took at the time.


Wow! Great shot love the silhouette of the viaduct :heart_eyes:

Nice shots. Can we borrow some of your sun lol.

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First time I’ve seen it this week lol :joy:

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Always like the disused lines, recently retired from the railway. Didn’t know about this gem. Living around 25miles away, took a drive there. Difficult place to take drone shots from, to many trees! Much enhanced photo (tried my best!). Exploring unknown areas part of the fun. Thanks for the info :+1:


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