People from east of Scotland

Is there anyone that meets around the Aberdeen area?

Yes, I’m from Aberdeen. Unfortunately right next to the airport. Near the new AECC.

Hello I go to the main building at RGU at the the river dee. There is a lot of space and not slot of people especially at the weekend.

I’ve been to Slains castle a couple of times, down to the new tarred car park just beyond Torry Battery and Mekle Wartle where there is a model plane club, but they want £70 membership fee which is OK if you have a fixed wing but we can take off anywhere. (within reason.) PS I’m flying a DJI Mavic Air.

Hi again. That would be a great place to fly. I’ve just received my Mavic Air. But before that I was using my Phantom 3 standard. But the Mavic air is a great done. And with this good weather we’re having up in the east of Scotland we need to make the most of it. :slight_smile:

Have you been flying drones long? And would you like to meet up sometime to fly.

I’m pretty much a novice. Was down at the new harbour on Saturday for a fly around. Just starting to get use to the controls to turn and head home when it’s just a dot in the sky.
But sure I would be happy to meet a fellow pilot some weekend.