Permission granted to fly in NFZ

So today I wanted to fly near to a RAF base that I knew was in a NFZ, so I visited said base, explained what it was I wanted to dio with their ATC and OPS people and was told that would be fine, 'go fly’they said.
Now, of course, when I powered up I got the message that aircraft couldn’t fly because I was in a NFZ.
What’s the score here? Is it possible to get a token or suchlike in instances such as this?

You need to unlock the NFZ first mate.

Go here:


  2. Select your drone model using the drop down lists

  3. Find the NFZ you want to unlock

  4. If it’s a yellow NFZ click the pin to highlight it

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your Flight Controller serial number

FYI - The Flight Controller serial number is NOT your Remote Controller serial number (a common mistake). Open the GO4 app and find the About section, this will show you your FC serial.

  1. Enter the date range (I think it’s a 3-day max) and submit.

  2. Once unlocked, go back to the GO4 app to sync / download your unlocks from DJI servers, to your app (pinging @jimvfrmoto750 at this point re this thread)

  3. Go fly :+1:



Heads up…

If it’s a red NFZ (which I’m guessing it will be) the only way you can unlock it is to email

I’m not sure how long it takes them to respond - anyone ever contacted them for a red unlock?


Hi Ping, have not yet applied to fly in the NFZ will do was later.

But thank you for telling me how to do it .