Peterborough Newbie

Hi all

Just got my mavic air 2 and so different to flying helicopters without the built in tech, never knowing when the battery may die on you, this drone amazing, done some test flight in the garden at various height to get my nerves settled before something more interesting to film.
So now it’s trying to find an area away from airfields around me (3 in total) and lots of other restrictions.
Times like these i wished i had a caravan in scotland.


Hi and welcome to GADC. check out

for possible locations :+1:t2:

Welcome, you have joined the right forum.

As mentioned above GADC also own and run a where to fly your drone map service, it is brilliant check it out for locations to fly your new machine.

Will do thanks

Welcome to the club Stuart.
There are plenty of places where you can fly your new bird, but I am afraid that it is worth to have a look on the map as @Drumsagard mentioned.

Btw, Scotland has also many remote sites that are restricted.