PfCO insurance costs: quick rough idea please

hi, I am just about hovering over the purchase button for a pfco course and I am wondering approximately how much the insurance per year will set me back. just a rough accurate idea would do please if you don’t want to disclose your figures. many thanks for a quick response.

I did do a search on this site, but the data is from 2018. cheers

Mine was £345

thanks @stevesb much appreciated. i think i have found the answer now via flock cover. they offer a ‘cover while you need it’ system. so in theory i could buy 2 hours coverage each time i go out with it. i have chosen to wait a couple of days while i look into pfco and how the new regs will affect things. I used to be a real impulse purchaser, but with the benefit of age I have learned the hard way not to rush these things. Its good to know an annual figure though so thanks again for your reply.

And then some…


And then some after that…

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Be careful with the flock pay as you fly insurance.
They only cover you for 500m diameter flight, so multiple flights that can be carried out within the hour in that area are covered but you have to pay again if you are flying further way. You also have to make sure you have written permission from the landowner for TOAL otherwise they wont pay out incase of a claim. Better off with someone like moonrock.

Depending on your public liability cover will depend on how much you pay. I currently pay more for my drones than I do for my car insurance. I can drive my car 24/7 in any weather 365 days a year, I think you can fly your drone around 126 days a year, or something along that, it doesnt make sense


handy to know thanks, I appreciate your input.

Like i said it was a provisional enquiry. I have just landed a few projects (non drone) and the weather isn’t good either so I am having to put this on the back burner until my head space is clear again.