PfCO test in atti mode? ie no gps or altitude hold?

Hi guys.
This is a question that I could answer myself via google or the search bar in this forum.
However, Google can be a little misleading.

Previously, to do commercial work, you needed a pfco. Amongst the paperwork, I understood it needed a flying test like a figure 8 etc? Was that in atti mode? ie no gps or altitude hold?

Next, there is a new test to take. Soon (I understand its still in progress). So you can do commercial work? Does that involve a flying test? And paperwork?

Asking for a friend. Not really a friend, more of a distant acquaintance :money_mouth_face:

You get some work lined up Karl ?

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Just toying with the idea. Mulling it over…

I’ll pm you tomorrow, had way too many beers to make any sense tonight :wink:


piss tank ! :wink:

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Shift worker, contemplating how fucking stupid I am being there more like @chrisjohnbaker

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I understand that with the new laws coming you can do commercial stuff with no qualifications as long as it’s in A3 category. So anyone with the minimal cert can sell do photographic stuff?

That most likely wrong though as it seems a mess of non understandable piffel. Bit like the Clown Boris Haystack :grinning:

If your drone supports manual mode switching ATTI then yes, if not they usually make you do more/complex manoeuvres.

As you suggested:

It’s been discussed at serious length in the past, have a browse in the #legal-privacy category.

If you’re flying your pocket rockets line of sight, Karl, you shouldn’t have any trouble flying a cameraship in ATTI mode. Also all the commercially available cameraships that have ATTI as an option, as standard, also use altitude hold. When the option is available I much prefer to fly in ATTI mode as you have more control over the craft, using GPS hold for stationary shots and waypoint assisted routes.


That’s my understanding too, under the EASA rules there is no difference between a commercial flight and a blast round

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Cheers. Yeah I’m being a bit lazy. I was trying to avoid the “serious length” part

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