PGYtech case arrived. Here’s my thoughts

The case looks really nice, feels quality, the lining is sturdy and again well designed to hold the controller, 2 spare batteries, tablet, mains charger, car charger and the cables. It would have been nice to have had a place for spare props, but I’m niggling. the zips seem a bit flimsy and I worry they my break, but they are waterproof.
Everything fits neatly and is laid out to hand when it is fully opened. I ordered a ‘sleeve’ for the MP2 at the same time, just to protect it on the occasions when she’s just laying about. At £9 for the sleeeve it seemed cheap, but when it arrived I found it certainly isn’t.
The sleeve is made from water resistant nylon with drawstring closure, the inside is a very soft velvety material to protect your bird, again it looks smart with the Dji logo printed on.
If you don’t buy the hard case at £35. The sleeve has to be the next best thing.


I had one on order, hoping the receive it by next week. Thanks for sharing your view on this case. Although initially i was tempted to get the one below.

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I just today received the 4 battery version of this case and it’s great. Really liking the build quality and feel of it and it fits all my gear when I don’t have to hump in the boonies.

That’s what I said to the Mrs. ‘There’s nothing worse than getting bumped in the boonies’ I said.
She walked away shaking her head Muttering something about ‘you’re all bloody crackers’ or something along those lines.