PGYTECH lights on Mavic Air

anyone using PGYTECH lights on their Air?

Would also be interested, but have just found these that I had seen before


interesting but I think the strobes will be much brighter. Firehouse do a good selection but I cannot find here in UK.

Are you thinking of Flytron, they have a 15% offer on at the moment.

Thanks for that. Do you fly with those? I was thinking of Firehouse. They are American and very bright

You won’t get brighter than the Flytron Crees !.
I’ll take a bet that you don’t look at the second flash it makes after you have switched it on!.
I have to put my finger over the strobe LED, if not I see spots for the next 30 mins !!

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I’d agree with Chris.

The Crees are in fact brighter … albeit they are only on very briefly in each flash.

Added to that the fact that a flashing light is more visible than a continuous light of the same brightness.

Add to that, they are lighter, the battery lasts longer, and they are quicker to recharge … from a phone battery pack if needed.

It’s a win-win-win-win to go with crees.


They are so bright ,you can see them quite away off.
I tend to use them when it is a very grey, or dark cloud, makes the job of spotting at a distance so much easier.
I have tried several ways of fixing them to the arms, but, a good cable tie more than suffices.

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Not only are cable-ties perfect, on the MP you can put them on the rear arms in such a way that you can leave them on when the arms are folded up. #DontLeaveHomeWithoutThem

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I originally put the special 3M interlocking tape that is recommended and found (just as Dave has said) that it fouls the rear arms and catches the side of the Mavic, putting strain on the arm swivel points.
small ties do not obstruct at all.

Photos of Flytron Cree strobes on my MP

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Just bought 1 with the GADC discount, thanks for organising :smile:

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Thanks everyone. Am looking at Firehouse ARC 11 in the States.

Let us know how you get on with them, I don’t know anyone that uses them :+1:t2:

Will do when they arrive. Coming from States.

Not a particularly convincing comparison.

At £9.80 I was happy with the flytron own brand just to test the idea

This is my setup, 2 x flytron crees, a red at the rear and white facing forward, both at ~45°, attached with heavy duty hook n loop.


That looks neat. Does it clear the ground on landing?

I’m using the PGYTECH strobes on my M2Z they are amazingly bright powered only by one AAA battery at £29 I think they are well worth it, these also come with landing gear leg extenders included.