PGYTECH lights on Mavic Air

Photos of Flytron Cree strobes on my MP

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Just bought 1 with the GADC discount, thanks for organising :smile:

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Thanks everyone. Am looking at Firehouse ARC 11 in the States.

Let us know how you get on with them, I don’t know anyone that uses them :+1:t2:

Will do when they arrive. Coming from States.

Not a particularly convincing comparison.

At £9.80 I was happy with the flytron own brand just to test the idea

This is my setup, 2 x flytron crees, a red at the rear and white facing forward, both at ~45°, attached with heavy duty hook n loop.


That looks neat. Does it clear the ground on landing?

I’m using the PGYTECH strobes on my M2Z they are amazingly bright powered only by one AAA battery at £29 I think they are well worth it, these also come with landing gear leg extenders included.

“That looks neat. Does it clear the ground on landing?”

Unfortunately not but it does with leg extensions but I never use them. It just rests on the strobes, not really a problem if I use a landing pad.

Like the idea of that @Mixyblob, think I maybe buying a second light!

Hi All,

A quick question for everyone ( i’m liking the setup by @Mixyblob ) At what sort of angle can you see these strobes from ? i.e. if the drone is relatively low and distant, and the strobe is on the underside, facing down, can it still be seen reasonably well, albeit not as bright as being directly underneath it ? Viewing angle might be a better way of describing what I’m asking.



Hi BrianB - Am about to purchase Cree light; any advice on how I obtain GADC discount code? Thanks

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Hi @Quetzal / Dan and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Grey Arrows Drone Club doesn’t charge for membership, but in order to receive the full benefits of the Club, including the numerous exclusive discounts available, one needs to contribute :slight_smile:

Please take a look at the Membership Levels section on our FAQ .

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@PingSpike beat me too it! Thanks Rich

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Hi @PingSpike - thanks for explaining - will do!

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Thanks BrianB

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I built some diy strobes using 3w bead leds. They were super bright - visible in daylight to at least 1 mile. The flash rate on the ‘mark 1’ was a bit quick, so battery life was only about 40 mins. I have ordered a few bits and pieces to build a micro controller based solution which will offer the ability to program the flash sequence and rate. If all goes to plan, the whole item will be less than a fiver to build! I’ll let you know how it goes once the parts arrive (from China)


Micro controller and programming board finally arrived. :grinning: Programming the micro controller was easy enough and the results are good. Infinite fun changing flash duration’s and frequency using ‘low power’ LEDS. :crazy_face: Now need to upscale the LED to the full CREE 3W which should be easy enough, just need a bit time! But not today… off sailing!