Phantom 4 Advanced Plus. Weird camera issue

This is a weird one. When I press the onscreen button or the record button on the controller, the record button onscreen does NOT turn red.
The tiny dot next to the SD card symbol flashes indicating that data is being written to the SD card but the large button stays white.
The video records normally to the SD card and is perfectly normal however.

The onscreen button to swap between the video screen and the still camera screen will allow you to go from the video screen to the stills camera screen but will not switch back to video. To do this, you have to press the physical video record button on the controller but this also starts or stops the video recording.

The screen is responsive to everything else and everything else is perfectly normal.
It was working 2 days ago and nothing’s been changed or updated since (this is the Plus model so not much can be changed anyway!)

I’ve set all the camera settings to factory, re-loaded the firmware for the RC, changed the SD card, re formatted the SD card but nothing works.
I don’t think it’s a hardware error but who knows!

Can anyone please help?

Problem sorted. Factory reset and updated everything and all’s well again!