Phantom 4 Pro camera problem


I have a weird wobble on some of my footage since the last time I used the P4P for video.
I’m using the same card as always and the only thing I’ve done is update the NFZ Database that keeps popping up at the start of Go4.
I’ve not updated the firmware for a while because of reading about other problems and haven’t done the latest Go4 update either.
I have flown for the past few months on the above with no issues and it doesn’t seem to happen on all of the clips shot in this outing.
Any ideas?
The clip makes my head feel funny.


I’m certainly no expert, but to me it looks like the jello effect you get when a vibration harmonises with a rolling shutter at certain shutter speeds


I’d agree with @Asgard - this looks like some kind of vibration issue.

I also think this is vibration in the horizontal plane rather than the usual vertical plane … since it’s the verticals that are showing a waviness.

No idea how it’s being caused, though.

I’d …

  • Check all gimbal vibration dampers for free movement and not damaged.
  • Check no cables between gimbal and body are out of position.
  • Check no foreign bodies have got into the gaps between gimbal and body.


I’ve never had this before, very strange.
Searching Google it looks like a common problem on new P4P’s but mine isn’t new, I’ve had it over a year.
It will have to wait until next week, back to work tomorrow, I’ll try an IMU and gimbal calibration and see if I can see anything visually wrong.
Coming back down it didn’t do it.


I agree with Dave, the wave is like when i got the original phantom and go pro the jello effect check the setting you’re capturing at like @Asgard has said strange if you’ve never had it before
Its having to many drone thats your problem
Just a thought




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