Phone call


Ah yes, I can see from the photo that the red car 27 in from the right has its doors unlocked . . . . . . . . really, they need to stop watching CSI Miami and GET A LIFE !

They clearly know nothing about modern criminal tactics, or current crime trends


They’re just bored and have nothing else to do


You mean this isn’t possible?!


Ive posted it before, but take a look at this stuff, link is for the best bit imho, but the whole thing is worth a watch *2006 tech, imagine where we at now

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I’d be right up for nicking those Grand stands and the Tarmac (I could have a ready made circuit on my land), thinking about it, while i’m there I do need some Turf as well


My number was on my Facebook photography page. (Now removed)


Ok that’s a good idea

Had to laugh about your comment true though. I think someone is trying to be awkward. Regards Irvine

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Ha ha ha ha
Love it
Now that made me laugh out that loud the cat fell off the chair arm, which obviously made me laugh louder and now I’m getting the evils from it