Photo Geo-tagging Program?

Most of my >130k photos are from my DSLR and GoPro.

Does anyone know of an excellent app for Geo-tagging them?

This needs to be a mass drag-n-drop UI to even contemplate embarking on this as a project!

Depends what you want the app to do?

Are you after a map at the end with lots of little dots that then open the photos?

Not really needing that initially, as something integral to establishing geo-tags.
Once tagged, one can then use any one of a number photo-map apps.

Firstly I just want to geo-tag thousands of photos as easily as possible.

Chances are the program will have a map for the photos to be dragged into position.

There used to be a GoogleEarth plugin for this … but there seems to be no sign of that any more … that I can find.

I’ll have a geek araound

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I would have said, lightroom would be able to handle the volumes your looking at tagging.

I don’t recall an interface in Lightroom to select the location graphically.
How do you determine the location?
I’m not after general location - I want precise location.
5,000 photos in Sicily doesn’t cut it for me.

Does your GoPro and camera already tag the photos in the exif info? (I know from the 5 black they do)

No - if it did I wouldn’t need to tag them.

Laborious job ;o(

Perhaps time for an upgrade, Apple photos does a great job of this with my iPhone, GoPro and Drone. I think you can do similar with my google maps/drive, but its manual one and will take time.

No good in retrospect though, perhaps a job for the long nights ahead ;o)