Photo shop profile help if you can kindly MacBook Pro

Ok so I’d be really grateful if someone could kindly try & explain this to me for a better understanding if possible, I’ll post the link I have in which I have followed & managed to find my colour profiles for photoshop, works the same for Lightroom I believe, but I’m not quite understanding how to get my profiles back, not presets colour profiles ie landscape / vivid / standard etc, photos for illustration below :

Here’s a link which the process of putting these files back where they belong seems complicated sorry for being brain dumped on this,
I have located the folder I am looking for, Adobe colour / landscape / vivid neutral etc which is under my Mac hd, but I have no idea how to put the folder where it should be, even tho the link I will attach explains it, I just can’t get my head around it, all I have is Adobe colour & mono so I’m just trying to put the others back, which apparently are not there by default, so even un instal re instal does not solve the issue !
I would be really grateful if someone could kindly explain a bit easier if possible that may have had first hand experience, there is no rush but would be nice to get the problem solved, I shall post a link, please ignore ( presets ) that is not the issue here, many many thanks in advance.

Edit, just to add if it’s not something that anyone knows, I can always screen share with Adobe but thought I’d give it a go here first, not just for myself as it may help someone else if needed,

First why were you playing with profiles ?

Hi Chris
Believe it or not I wasn’t, I went to the colour profile to look for as said above, landscape etc & realised they weren’t there, after research I found out these are not there by default as said but can or could be a better colour choice for edits when the choice is there, if that makes sense, more so the landscape as everything is pretty much well, landscape.
I’ve not moved or deleted anything,
There on my Mac in a folder under Adobe to be put there but just don’t know how. :+1:t2:

Edit sorry,

Looking for the landscape profile.
Was also meant to say this only works with DNG RAW

Edit again sorry, this is in the Adobe camera raw, I should have put it in the title.

Don’t go try ‘moving’ them just copy the folder (Apple C) and paste it (Apple V) to the new location


Thanks for the reply Chris
Sorry for the late reply, been out all day, just got back,
Really appreciate yr help as always

So find the folder Apple C & paste it to Apple V folder & that’s it, I’m guessing Apple V is the new location, sorry if I’ve repeated what you said, just a tad tired .

Many thanks mate

So I’ve tried / looked again this morning, so I’ll have to admit defeat on this one,

I’m not understanding that sorry, just incase I have not explained myself properly above, I just went through the process again & screen shotted the steps to get to the file ( arrow on folder directing ) but, I have not a clue where & what to paste, so I thought I’d post them here for a better understanding that might help,

So i go to Mac hd

Then as follows open library

Open application support

Click on Adobe

Click on camera raw

Click on settings

Click on Adobe

Click on profiles

Click on Adobe raw

Which then shows the colour profiles of which I have 2 by default, which is Adobe colour & Adobe monochrome, so as said the ones that are not there are the ones I’m trying to put there, sorry if I’ve not explained it correct at the start, or apologies if you have read it completely correct at first then it’s just a case of I’m just stuck to be honest & just don’t understand as you guys do, thanks in advance.

I’m not a Mac user but the profiles, these below :point_down:


are there


Just select the one you want, why are you moving anything

Thanks Wayne
Right this is the problem, mine are not there, I have my Mac in front of me & they are not there by default,

As per the thread / link above, many have encountered this problem, so after reading all the topics on this on an Adobe forum, I have managed to locate as said but am stuck on trying to get them available / visible or usable in the drop down menu as posted in this reply,
I don’t really want to screen share with Adobe really, due to the fact on one occasion the person who I was screen sharing with earlier this year, messed around with all my files / folders & then disconnected when they couldn’t resolve the issue, which then left me having to actually do a whole system restore, as well as re installing the Adobe software which was a right headache over a few hours :grimacing::person_facepalming:t2:
So as emphasised above its there but it needs setting so it’s available in the profiles drop down as per your picture just showed, hope that makes sense, as always I appreciate your help …. Regards

Edit : under browse is just the default - vintage - artistic - b&w etc.

Sorry edit again, I was meant to say a couple of times Adobe screen share support has been fantastic but I’m trying to avoid being connected with a chancer / trier that may know not the correct procedure. :+1:t2:


It’s the same on my Windows free version :wink:

just import them

Yes I have checked in there Wayne which are different, I was actually just watching a video as you messaged, where, the presets that are there by default are apparently completely different as explained above, ( colour profiles ) I know it’s very confusing to say the least,
Without going back to my computer I think in that browse / mosaic option you have highlighted are many different defaults / presets, however in the drop box are just a set of standard Adobe colour profiles what I presume it thinks, a standard colour, a standard portrait, vivid, a neutral & what it thinks is best for landscape & so on, based on what colours was captured when you took your picture, but with the drop down menu it does not automatically adjust your sliders as supposed to presets will, if that makes sense, I know it’s confusing, I’m sure it’s just the click of a button somewhere, just to put those ( basic options there ) pure assumption here, that these colour profiles is a bit of a head start in determining what colour profile you should work in based on what type of picture you have captured,
Ie, a day at the fair ground with bright colours, right let’s try vivid, shooting landscape, ah ok this colour profile & so on, figure of speech
It’s there for a reason when it’s there, so if it helps determine the colour range for that subject, hopefully it may be a help in learning etc & working with the correct colour range.

Ok just see your post above, I’ll go take a look, once again really appreciate your help & input as anyone’s, thankyou :blush:

Ah right ok
We’re getting somewhere I think so I open it up & get this

Then I click on those 3 dots

Which then gives me this

Then I click on that & it gives me this, which I am assuming is where a folder / created folder may need to be to click on to put it in where it should be, so, do I have to create the folder or hmmm, now I’m stuck again, :grimacing:

Ok, so I’ve got them to here the ones I’m short but now for some reason there greyed out, I did not drag them, I copied & pasted to desktop, in the hope to import them where they need to be, but nothings happening to give me the option to now import to correct location fffff ing thing, nearly there, this has to be the last step in solving but it’s greyed out :smiley::scream:

Edit : for some reason when I create the correct file for the correct place, it wants to create it in I cloud drive & stays greyed out & does not even go to the iCloud which in turn, I cannot import to the location, so for now this is where I’m at,

Here you go @Kirky

Thanks Wayne
I’ll read that in one mo, :+1:t2:

Thankyou Wayne,
So basically the DJI / hassleblad cameras or raw files rather are not supported then, have I read correct, thankyou for digging through to find that, well appreciated & to Chris above as well :+1:t2:

So not available for the DJI drones, long & short of it ! ….

Once again thanks to @Sparkyws & @milkmanchris, I did not know that was not an option or at least for now, regards ……

Adobe needs to up their game :scream::sweat_smile:

Maybe not so correct, was editing ady leylo,s picture for the fun & friendly & noticed the option is there for the colour profile :thinking: very strange,
Why does it not recognise hassleblad, am I correct in thinking the air 2s has a Sony camera.
Boggled !

You didn’t read the link I posted above :scream:

It contained this link

It states these DJI cameras are supported

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I did read it, did I miss something ? Sorry if I did