Photos Denbigh asylum

Went in this place when I went to snowdonia it’s an 1800’s ish time I think Victorian ( mental asylum ) it’s fenced off but I found a way in :smile: what a place,you can sense the madness in there even tho it’s abandoned,didn’t own a drone then but worth the visit !!!
It looks like hell in there :japanese_ogre:
Reminds me of the film shawshank !
The little brick hut is apparently we’re they put people in a hole how true that bit is I don’t know …

There’s a fella on you tube does a whole tour


You being from wales have you ever been up to this part ? I loved it just such a long drive for me .

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I’d heard of it but never visited - looks a really interesting site :+1: :+1: :+1:

I may be in Wales and not so far away but to get from my place to Denbigh takes about 4 hours due to the crappy roads available and getting stuck behind tractors and farm vehicles for mile after mile :roll_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes I understand I think I done reading to snowdonia in 4 hours early hours of morning - coming back on a Saturday normal time took about 6 possibly little bit longer ( nightmare ) loved it tho as I always say snowdonia is like the nyc of England

Must admit I’m very fond of North Wales - scenery is so beautiful always worth a visit just the weather lets it down.

Makes me wonder what South Wales looked like before all the industrialisation :thinking:

Yes - my sister lives in South Wales - the time I went to snowdonia was my first proper travel to wales - it’s kind of completely different - when the locals speak they don’t sound Welsh - very laid back - met some great people in an around & from well out the area - my son and myself loved it - yes the weather is a hit and miss we only went for 4 days and 3 of those days it was hot and sunny - I actually didn’t want to come back tbh ! :smile:

I’m on a mission to get to the Bristol suspension bridge / bridges just before sunset ( which links us to wales as you know ) and try get some decent drone footage - I keep saying tommorrow :rofl::person_facepalming:t2:

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… sounds like one of the best summers we’ve ever had :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Lol the weather here hey - goes from one extreme to the other one day yr sitting with the heating on 30 next day you got ya head in the freezer :rofl:

Think you mean the Severn Bridges, said the smug Bristolian!

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I have a real fascination with old places like this but it’s tinged with horror (in the real sense of the word) at the cruelty of the human race.

Yes I did mean the Severn bridge ( issambared kingdom Brunel :smile::smile::smile: ) can’t spell it but I had a go - yes that asylum very very erey !!! :skull:

Got a week booked in a chalet in Trearddur Bay on Anglesey end of August and I cannot blumming wait


One of my Brothers worked in here as Head Chef he was here for a good few year until it closed down

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Really wow ! Me & my mate was talking about it today it history it’s a landmark - yes not good memories for anyone I’d think but you just look at the place & try to imagine ! Just crazy

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It was a scary place to visit as a child 50 or so years ago; my grandfather was a “guest” there.

I can only imagine !