Photos from Video of Mediteranian Cruise

Just a few stills Guys from the videos of the Med Cruise.

Not had time to edit any Vids yet !.


Walked the coast path all along Cinque Terre - from Levanto to Riomaggiore - 12.5 hours for 24.6km.

GPS track …

Vernazza was my favourite place …

… perhaps because of the 37°C heat and ridiculously steep sections …

(No idea who that was ahead of me!)

… and the worlds best gelateria …

Well - perhaps my assessment of it was influenced by my desperate need for some rapid cooling.

Doing that walk again is on my list. I might try it in two days next time.

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My first visit Dave can see why you did it !, but, def not my last !.
Great Coastline, stunning scenery.

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And great gelati! :wink:

:icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream: had a few of them as well

Were you allowed to take a drone in a cruise ship? I thought that only carnival cruises allow for a drone to be taken on board and not to be used on it.
What cruise line were you on?
Did they know you had a drone with you in the cabin?

I went “Royal Caribbean”, who allow drones aboard, but, must not be used anywhere on the ship.
My baggage (drone) was X Rayed daily when leaving/re-joining the ship, never was stopped once !.
And yes, my drone was kept in my daughters cabin (she works on the ship)
I should add, that at least 50 of the Crew of 2,500, own drones !

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Thanks Chris
If you don’t have a relative that works on the ship, will they keep the drone while on board?

Nope!, RC Policy has changed, you/anyone can take a drone aboard.
Fred Olsen are one of the other (Very Few) Cruise lines who allow them + Carnival.

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Thanks Chris
That is reassuring. I must make sure that in the future I will only use such cruislibers then.
I have been in cruises before but not since I have a drone.
I’ve told the wife that unless we go with a cruise that allow my Mavic, I won’t go anymore


Just be wary of the Countries/ports of call.
I flew in Spain , France, Italy, and, had all the rules for each printed out , and also had to pass the “French” Drone examination (online).
The Bahamas (my next cruise) have stringent rules, and you must have a permit to fly.

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Some beautiful images and memories Chris, looks fabulous :ok_hand:

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Thanks Brian, I crammed a lot into what time I had ashore.
Certainly has given me future ideas of places to fly when I return there.
It must be said that spotting good places to fly is not easy, but, I had no problem getting off the beaten track and launching.
Wish I had gone to the High Ground in Vanazza, such as that Tower in my last picture.
When I was flying I realised that there were not that many people up there, and could have easily waited until no one was around.
Hey Ho!, got what I wanted from the trip.

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I understand the problem about where to fly. I am in Mallorca at the moment and finding the same problem, especially with the massive military restriction areas that ban any aerial photography, not just drones.

I have also found flying midday in very bright sunlight is nye on impossible with my iPhone, because I cannot see the screen.

As you say, many an idea for when I return!

I’ll be in Poland and Italy in August and I should be ok I guess especially in the mountain region of Abruzzo. That should give me plenty of good footage

The Gran Sasso area? Along with the Le Dolomiti, my favorite mountains for paragliding.
If I were to win the lottery is be off to Italy on the first plane … probably live in Abruzzo.

Yes, the mighty Gran Sasso it is. Glad to hear you love the region.

Mountains and sea all close to each other.

Don’t need to win the lottery to live there. Plenty Brits in the area.

I would need the lottery! My screwed over pensions are barely enough to survive here. A lottery win is the only thing likely of changing my financial situation adequately.

I used a cheap shade that fixes to my phone with silicone rubber hoops, works well enough to get a half decent view of the screen.
Have a good time in Mallorca !.

Cracking shots mate :+1: