Photos Published

Last month I submitted the photos I had taken at the Severn Valley Railway steam gala to Drone User Magazine. Steve liked them so much he used them for a six page article! I couldn’t share my excitement until after 01 June when the magazine was published. Now I can, and I’m absolutely delighted - “When a Steam Buff Buys a Drone.”



Hope the payment was worth it :wink:

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A mate of mine is a marketing manager and says a 6 page article with 4 or more images is worth at least 4 figures :ok_hand:t2:


So £10 was not enough then?:see_no_evil:

Seriously well done.

Anyone actually read drone user magazine?


Often looked for drone mags but never seen any. Probably don’t need one with this site!

Do you have a link to the magazine?

Here is the link to the Drone User Magazine website. It is a decent read but is due to close at the end of the year due to the editor retiring - that is unless somebody would like to take it on.

Thanks for sharing but it’s a paid subscription

Errr no thanks, I love drones but I am not paying to read about them :scream:


Coveted Celebrity badge coming your way then? :+1: :star2:

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Before i retired I ran a steel jobbing foundry in Sheffield and supplied all Severn Valley’s spares. Word got round the various steam lines and I was the main spares providera al across the country. Bill.

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Well done @Photobird - as a former magazine editor (aviation), I always enjoyed being able to use material from a new contributor

Hahahaha… I wish enthusiast magazines were so lucrative for photographic contributors, but the vast majority in niche spaces are not.