Physical stores for DJI?

I’m liking the look of that DJI Avata but I wear specs.
There does not seem to be anywhere that I can physically hold and even try on with my specs within my area. (I did find one just off Columbus circle in Manhattan a few years back but that’s of no use now)
Any ideas guys?
Thank you

No DJI bricks and mortar stores in the UK, Mike.

Your best bet would be a friendly DJI reseller that might have an opened box.

Or better still, get to a GADC meet somewhere and try it first hand :slight_smile:


Hi, the V2 goggles have Diopter Adjustment for each eye with a range from 2.0 D to -8.0 D

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@Leylo1971 might be your man to talk to :wink:

And not a million miles apart ;o)

Exactly :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a physical DJI store in Reykjavik … if you fancy a holiday with awesome drone-flying / filming / photographing opportunities thrown in. :wink:


You could try some of these: Pro Dealers - Where to Buy - DJI (select Europe & U.K. to see the listing) not sure if they all have a physical store or near you, but might be worth a try.

Currys sell DJI stuff in their stores.

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No open boxes though :o(

The Currys at junction 9 M6, has always got samples out on the display that you can pick up and mess with.

Yeah but I think OP wants to see one booted up to see how his vision is.

Best bet is @Speedbird and @Leylo1971 get together (I feel like Cilla)

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Went in one recently to kill some time while the OH was clothes shopping. My god, the stores are awful, literally everything is obsolete. They were selling Mini 1 still and I think an Air 2 (not S)

The cameras were also all very old. I assume the bricks and mortar stores just rely on people being clueless. I think the only sort of 2022 stock they actually had was TVs.

Amazon has free returns if not suitable?

Sounds like the late 60s.


@Sparkyws it was after watching his recent video that made me consider before i remembered my peepers!

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I wear varifocals and the DJI FPV V2 Googles were fine, not tried the new googles2 though!

Thanks to Chris @milkmanchris for letting me fly his FPV :kissing_heart:

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@Sparkyws I also wear varifocals, do you have to remove them before wearing the FPV thing or do they cover the specs?

I removed them

Hi, as i quoted above, the goggles V2 have diopter adjustment and so you remove your glasses (I also use varifocals) and once you adjust the goggles to suit your prescription - really easy to do - they are fantastic :slight_smile:

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