Pigeon tower Berkshire


Interesting structure,was this a " folly" of some sort? looks like it had an “upstairs” at some point,looking at the bricked up windows?nice vid,now i will have to some searching! would make a great place to live,with a bit of work! although a bit in the middle of nowhere… :+1: :+1: :wink:

In their day, dovecotes and such pigeon houses, were usually the source of much valued food, the birds being reared and kept for the estate’s top table.

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So,this was built specifically for birds? :wink: :wink:

Well - “for the birds” might be deluding the birds … but in all probability, Yes - as were lavish dovecotes.

They could have a thousand, or more, living in some of them.

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Any idea what would have been in the upper floors?

Posh pigeons? :wink:

Probably to look awesome and impress the neighbours, perhaps castellated … so, that aspect would probably be “folly-ish”. Dual purpose, perhaps. Somewhere for the lord of the manor to survey his country pile.

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Thanks Dave,you learn something new every day!!! :+1: :+1:

I’m trying to recall where I was that had a dovecote that was reckoned to have almost 5000 doves/pigeons (they are the same-ish, though white doves were often prettier and thought to be more ornamental). A HUGE structure, much nearer the main house.

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Does that mean there is,or was, a large stately home somewhere nearby ?

It would have been part of an estate … kind of “manor house and upward” … although the full ranking order of house/estate nomenclature isn’t something I’m totally sure about.

Chances are the “stately home” level … the lavish Chatsworth House / Blenheim Palace level … would have kept them away from the main house since those were designed for beauty and a dovecote would have been thought too unattractive and probably situated near the main farming areas.