Pin Mill Barge Match Start 29 June 2024

HI All, I really would like some help and advice in editing the clip. I’m currently decorating my Work/PC Room so I had to edit on an underpowered laptop so it’s all at just 1024p, still, i’m asking more about composition etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. p.s. I already know its too long and will shorten once I have my main pc up and running


@Shadowfax i think you’ve got some great shots here. As for being too long your probably right. But its to do with the length of your cuts and not the video as a whole. Theres two or maybe 3 edits you can make in one of the longer single shots.

From 2.15 onwards after the circle transition there is lots of chances where you can edit. The camera comes down thats a shot, the camera moves foward and introduces the little boat that could be a shot. Camera further moves forward which could be reversed in your editor and used later. Overall i think youve got some interesting bits of video its just taking a bit more time to find where to cut.

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@Shadowfax Hi Lee. I would decide the length of vid you’re after, I use the music to set the length. Cut out anything that is remotely hesitant (ie 1:12 in when orbiting the boat before moving off towards the bigger boat , great move past the jerky bits BTW) . Group similar moves together after this and start building the vid like a story. Moving out towards the boats, play around them then move back for example. When you run out of music its the end of the vid so go back and compare what you have left and swap out if you think you have a better move. Try and not follow one clip with another that has the same move
; reverse clips if there’s nothing to indicate you’re doing so. Finally ignore all I’ve just said and do it for you! Long, short, jerky same moves, if you’re happy with it then its all good. :+1:

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