Places around Cambridge

Got my Mini 2 last month, loving it. I live in Cambridge, and annoyingly Cambridge Airport casts a great big FRZ over most of the city, but here are some pictures from around the edges of it.

The new library at Selwyn College, my alma mater. Nicely, Grange Road is just off the edge of the FRZ, meaning that Newnham, Selwyn and Robinson can be photographed from some angles.

The lake at Brook Leys in Eddington.

Vision Park in Histon.
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Yep it’s a pain isn’t it. I do a lot of work at Addenbrookes and have to submit a authorisation form every time. They are really helpful though if you just let them know when and where you are flying.
Great pics btw.

Yes - I emailed the guy at the airport and he sent me the form. Do you send yours in with 3 weeks notice, which is what I understood was required? If so what happens if the weather’s bad on the day? Seems like it would be really hard to get anything done.


Mostly send the form in with about a week to go. If you are flying before 10am they usually just ask you to call them before you take off as not much happens before 10 and you can usually do what you want.

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Ah, that’s great - thanks. Early morning suits me fine. Nice light and all my kids are asleep!


Hi, I plan on flying my drone in Cambridge.
Just wanted to check in as I cant find any rules online. Is the map on the DJI app correct or is permission required from the authorities?

I never use DJI’s map, but it wasn’t correct last time I looked at it. has the correct map, showing the flight restriction zone around Cambridge Airport, covering most of the city. To fly within it you need to apply to the airport authorities who will issue a NOTAM for you.

Just use our own Dronscene

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