Places to fly and photograph in Lanarkshire

I’m in Lanarkshire for a few days with work and weather is looking good for some evening flights with the mini2. I have found the falls of Clyde which are not too far from where I’m staying, Ravenscraig also looks like it has some interesting bits to visit as well and is on my route to hotel every day. I’ll also have my Nikon dslr and a bag full of lenses. Any our northern members have any other ideas of places to visit? .

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Have a look at GADC’s own tool for such things - Drone Scene - you can find it here …

Thanks @Jhdee but I couldnt find much in the area using DS. It was my first port of call, I’m maybe not using it right?

There seem to be a few in the area - assume you are clicking on the green boxes and they should open up a description.
If they don’t suit - I believe this is @Drumsagard - John’s stomping area - I’m sure he’ll be along in a little while to assist :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Either not showing up on my phone or I’m doing something wrong. Only green boxes i am seeing are the ones that give road designations.

Thats wierd, when i log out of DS I can see all the places to fly, when logged in I can’t. Must have something switched on or off in layers?

Im a fool, I didn’t have locations ticked, need more coffee. Cheers @Jhdee

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Glad its sorted - to be honest I didn’t realise you could even turn “Locations” off - so you’ve taught me something too - thanks Darren :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hehe, I’m glad my stupidity can help :crazy_face:

Lanarkshire covers a huge area, which part are you working in?
The Falls of Clyde are great just watch out for the overhanging trees, the falls are in a very narrow gorge.

You could also check out Chatelherault Lodge in the Country Park in Hamilton, there’s always one or two drone pilots kicking about there. You also have my favourite, Bothwell Castle on the banks of the Clyde. Fly from the playing fields on the opposite side of the river and you are off Historic Scotland land.

South of Lesmahagow on the M74 is Douglas Castle on the Douglas Estate. I’ve flown there in the evening when it’s very quiet.

If you like old abandoned buildings check out Cambusnethan House/Priory just south of Wishaw on the north bank of the Clyde.

Thanks for the info, I am staying in Newhouse if it helps narrow it down. But there’s probably enough in your post to keep me entertained for a few nights, thanks.

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10 mins south on the A73 from Newhouse will take you to Cambusnethan Priory. Bothwell Castle or Chatelherault Country Park in Hamilton is only about 15mins :+1:

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Thank you John @Drumsagard :+1: :+1: :+1:

Cheers for that, I think I’ll be heading to one of those this evening. It beats sitting in a hotel room!!!

@mynameisjoe did you manage to get out ?

Unfortunately not :frowning:
First off, the machine I was installing kept having issues which meant having to stay onsite late and sort it while everyone else went home. By the time i got back to hotel I was tired and hungry!! Secondly I’ve been suffering a lot of disonnections and dji fly app crashes. I initially thought it was due to me flying the mini2 indoors, even though I was flying fcc. Last Thursday I rolled back the drone tweaks app to 1.4.8, flew inside the factory for half an hour and not a single problem. Flew for 4 batteries yesterday trying to video a rugby match, again not a single problem!!!
I am back there tomorrow and tuesday so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

That’s funny you saying about disconnects etc, I’ve had the same issues with the Air2.
Going to roll back to the same 1.4.8 to see if it cures that problem.
I keep swapping back to the latest app then finding problems so most often roll back. I also found 1.4.4 was good.

I’ve now tried just about all of them, 1.4.8 just seems to work for me and the tablet I’m using. I really should have documented each version I tried and put the results in here but I never thought (or too lazy to be honest).