Places to fly in Bedfordshire

Can anyone recommend some decent places to fly in Bedfordshire?

Any particular area’s, it’s quite a large scope?
I live in Bedfordshire and still keep finding new places

Anywhere in Bedfordshire to be honest


Look at areas around Bedford, Stewartby, Blunham, Ampthill, quite a lot of derelict buildings dotted around, plenty of lakes near brogborough. Like everything it’s gets congested after 8am if you hits anything that attracts visitors.
Pitstone windmill is on edge of Luton NFZ. What out for Cranfield NFZ, or even better check out the Drone scene app

FRZ not to be confused with the ‘NFZ’ bollocks that DJI invent with no bearing on reality.

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To be honest mate, there’s an abundance of places around Bedfordshire, there are airfields in the area that according to Dji are active and yet nothing flies there, Bedford Aerodrome is used to store cars and industrial park.
Lots of old disused quarries, disused derelict buildings, old churches, lakes, scenery etc etc. plenty to record.

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