Places to fly in Kent, Sussex and Essex


So I have decided that on Monday (bank holiday) I’m going to go for a flight with my dad.

I was wondering if anyone knew of good spots that are accessible for me on my trike, in Essex, Kent or Sussex?

Not much response to your same question last year either Alex. Hopefully we’ve some new members round that way now.

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Have you had a look at any of the Uni Campus nearby ? They’re usually pretty hot on accessibility.

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Looking for something a bit more interesting than that

Haha yeah we do so hopefully we should see more responses, I can’t believe that I have been a member of this great forum for a year now

Get touting for business…

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Very true I could do I recently did a job with the royal navy and also South Wales University

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If the weather is nice, how about Reculver Towers ? It’s between Herne Bay and Thanet. Here’s a picture I took on my last visit. It can make for some interesting shots. Car park and smooth surfaces next to it.




Hi Simon,

I’ll check it out thanks for the suggestion

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