Places to fly in Norfolk

I fancy taking the air out tomorrow being an Essex boy in Great Yarmouth any ideas would be welcome :thinking:

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@chrisjohnbaker is your man for all things Norfolk, the tagged post should wake up ;o)

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@Goddardn01 have a look around here:

@Goddardn01 My advice is check the Gt Yarmouth tide table and catch low tide (6.44 am and 7.15 pm), and fly at it’s lowest, or as near as !.
Caister is good (near lifeboat station) is a big Car Park (Pay & Disp)
Then walk onto Beach going beside the lifeboat station, and walk away from Station.
Breydon Water is good from South Side access (from off Industrial Estate).
Gorleston Beach is also good, just keep to the drone code recommendations.
Happy Flying !.

@Goddardn01 You could head to the seafront in Yarmouth and turn left and head north.
Follow the road until you start to see Caravans on the left, park up walk over the dunes towards the sea ,and fly your arse off !

I didn’t think I was allowed to fly there because of helicopter station I know it’s closed now but last time I looked it was no fly zone ? Have they opened it up happy days

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Sorry my bad fly with caution you know your stuff I take it you mean Seashore caravan park
Nice one thank you

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I have flown at Caister with other members, with no problem.
Beccles is now the main Heliport.
Yes, I believe it’s called Seashore.

Sorry for my french but that is so fucked up you wouldn’t get away with that these Days

Hi got a couple of days in Yaxham Norfolk anyone got ideas of good places for a few short flights ?

Dereham windmill.

Also Mid Norfolk Railway runs through yaxham. They run the old trains so check a timetable and maybe get a shot of that passing through?

Ok thanks for that.

I visited Dereham Winmill but for me the houses and the building site are far to close to have a comfortable fly, we may be legally allowed to fly there but I just was happy to do soo.