Places to fly in west midlands good spots?

Any good spots in the west midlands area

Oh yes mate. Where are you based?

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Wolverhampton pal

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What do you fly? Dji or fpv?

Dji mavic 2 pro


Whats this

This guy, Andy Cortez, organises meetups. After lockdown, all across the West Midlands. Great bloke. He will be in touch.


Ohh thanks

Fancy giving fpv a go? We can certainly get you started if you do…

Map here with a few places to check out. Granted, there aren’t many “must see, must fly” locations around due to the geography of the area but these are the places you’re less likely to have any trouble at, and most have at least one interesting feature to film/photograph from the air.

Like @notveryprettyboy says, once lockdown is over, we’ll resume the monthly meets.


Some members have shared their recommendations here @Stokesywv